Thursday, June 22, 2006

Inspire Me Thursday: In Good Time

The prompt for Inspire Me Thursday this week was "In Good Time" - the idea being to create a piece of art in a timed session, to make it in less time that you might usually take to complete a piece. While I was mulling this idea over on Tuesday, I wandered out to get the mail and found the matchbox you see in the piece in our apartment's parking lot. It's for a cafe in New York City, a continent away!

Synchronicity much?!

(So, now I've completed the piece, but am having trouble getting to Inspire Me Thursday's site, so perhaps I didn't complete it in good time.)


susan said...

i hear you angela... i finished mine too, but late. ah well, it is the process...
but i like this work in good time of yours a lot! lovely.

JacqueLynn said...

Love the colors and textures together and I really like the jutapose of the geometric line and circle vs the damaged matchbox. Great piece!