Friday, July 21, 2006

this week in review

"Obi" - acrylics/mixed media/collage on canvas, 24"x24"

I finally got around to updating my website today. Please stop by for a visit :). I still need to get the poppy paintings professionally photographed, then they'll go up too.

This week has been a strange mix of accomplishment and frustration. I've accomplished a lot of things, including entering 4 calls for artists and getting all my supporting materials off to ArtsWest for my show in August. I also think I've found the outfit I want to wear to the opening :).

It was frustrating because I felt so unfocused on my artwork. I'm still trying to get back into the wonderfully productive groove that was disrupted (quite pleasantly) by my husband taking vacation a couple of weeks ago. I managed to start projects for both Illustration Friday and Inspire Me Thursday, but they remain unfinished. My poppy paintings did not get accepted into the show (the curator says she really liked them, but simply didn't have enough room and she hopes I'll continue to submit work) which was disappointing. Luckily I have other opportunites in the works, so it wasn't as emotionally devestating as it might have been.

It's also hot - hottest days yet this year. And the temperature is climbing. It's suppposed to get into the 90s for the next few days. While I know other places have it much worse (believe me, I've lived there too) it's still pretty extreme for here. We have no air conditioner (no need for one the other 360 days a year, so very few people here bother with them except businesses) so keeping movement to a minimum is the preferred mode of living. Also an air stagnation alert is in effect, so that means no lovely waterfed breezes either. Movie theaters are going to be packed this weekend.

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Colorsonmymind said...

I love the intensity of this piece.

Happy she wants you to keep submitting work. Sorry those beauties aren't in this show.

The heat is really tough for me...hope you stay cool.