Monday, October 02, 2006

Gift of Renewal

Renewal II, Acrylics/Collage, 36"x 24" on canvas

This past weekend I made a gift of this painting to my priest, Father John. He had seen it at my show and really loved it. I could tell by his face that it really spoke to him. I was so moved by his reaction that I determined that if it didn't sell at the show, then I would give it to him. Little did I know just how much it really did mean to him.

After I gave it to him, he just lit up! He'd been thinking about it and talking about it for over a month, and was going to ask me if he could have a photo of it, and now he has the real thing. I felt like I had painted it just for him, even though I hadn't even met him at the time, and that it could finally go to its true home. What a rush!

I have to tell you, this experience has meant more to me than any sale I've ever made. It reminded me of why I am an artist. And it reminded me that God does indeed work in mysterious ways.


Aravis said...

How wonderful! Yes, that is what art is all about. What an amazing spiritual connection this one has turned out to be!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

What a heart warming story! (lovely art btw)

andrea said...

Can I have it when he's done with it? :)

Toni said...

I truly believe that some paintings are predirected. And it does give you a re warm feeling inside. Beautiful! Very spiritual.

William @ Artist Hideout said...

I don't think you can separate art from giving. By it's very nature you give of yourself for the creation of it, then probably in it's truest form you give it away too. Thank you for sharing your art. I recently found your site, and would like to link to it if that is okay with you? Just drop stop by and post a comment to let me know if it's okay. Thanks.