Thursday, November 02, 2006

Auspicious beginning

The Whatcom Independent article about my show can be viewed here, though there are no images. I'll be searching out the physical paper itself while we're in Bellingham this afternoon, and there should be images there. Overall, the article is pretty good. Though when I'm feeling more nitpicky, I might want to clarify a couple of points.

In other news, I just received a letter telling me that I am now represented by the art consulting firm MFI Art Co. in New York City!!!

An auspicious beginning to the day - I hope it continues into the opening reception tonight!

P.S. The link to the article wasn't working - sorry about that. I've gotten it to link to a list of articles (it simply refuses to link directly to a single one), so from there you click on the Inner Landscapes article.


Kris said...

HOORAY!!!!!! *cheers*

Lesly said...

Your link to the write-up would not work for me, ... I would have liked to read it. But never mind - and hope the opening is a huge success.