Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Big Art

A few weeks ago, we started our Advent altarpiece by covering over a previously used canvas with a couple of coats of gesso and paint so we'd have a clean canvas to work with.

This past Saturday, the Ecclesiastical Arts Committee spent the morning transferring my design to the canvas, then painting in the basic design.

The above photo is me painting in the spiral, while fellow Ecclesiastical Arts members Bill and Debi helped keep my paints close by. Wouldn't it be nice to always have assistants. :)

I mentioned awhile ago that I've been working on some art projects for our church. These photos are from the work we've done so far on the large (about 13' x 5') altar piece for the season of Advent. I came up with a design, keeping in mind the themes of Advent, which are about primarily about preparing for Christ's birth, but also about the endtimes, so I wanted something dark, but with the light of hope coming through that darkness, and also a sense of rebirth and life. Also, I used the liturgical colors for Advent, which are primarily blue and white.

It's been a lot of fun working so large, and painting with a group of people.

This Saturday we'll meet again and finish up this canvas. I'm hoping to have my design ready for the Christmas piece by then so we can maybe get started on that too.

To see more of what our church is doing with the arts in preparation for Advent, go here and here. My husband wrote those posts, and he included some great Wikipedia links to help explain some of this stuff.


Gramercy Galleria said...


Wow. This already looks amazing. What a wonderful, wonderful gift. I hope you post the final installation.

Gabrielle said...

This must be very fulfilling for you - both spiritually as well as artistically! What a great project to be involved in.

andrea said...

I never read this post properly before. How great to have such an outlet for your work! (My guess is that you're either Catholic or Anglican/Episcopalian as the best architecture and most open-minded attitudes to art seem to exist in these denominations.) BTW I hope to link your review in Art Hideout in a post tomorrow.

andrea said...

Aha! I was right. (I just checked out the links to your husband's blog. Is he a minister?)

Anonymous said...

I'm visiting from Andrea's and am glad to have found your work. I love how ambitious this piece is and it's wonderful to see you and "your assistants" working on the altar piece.