Thursday, November 09, 2006

notes on procrastination

the canvas, now covered with a first layer of collage and paint

I found this quote on Keri Smith's blog today, and it really struck a chord.

"The thing about art that delights and confounds us is that it never happens again. This delights us if we have learned how to look because the esthetic experience allows all of our human faculties to be absorbed in the environment of the present and for a while to be fully alive without reflecting, without turning back or looking ahead. Uniqueness confounds us because there are no rules for guides. There can be no science of the particular. In a sense this confounding is a delight because it puts us in touch with that aspect of reality which is described as uniqueness--the fact that nothing ever happens twice in the same way in every respect." ~corita kent

And my husband sent me a link to Bookworm: The Art of Rosamond Purcell, which sounds like something I'd love to read. "Books are man-made artifacts designed to convey information. When they are inevitably invaded by forces of nature and decay, they become suggestive of an alternative literary universe. Noted photographer and collage artist Rosamond Purcell has been exploring this universe for the past thirty years, and in this extraordinarily beautiful collection, the first retrospective of her work, her images teach us to read in a new way. Here are two conjoined volumes transformed by a nesting mouse into a heap of disrupted plot and straw; a 19th century French economics text re-interpreted by foraging termites, and many other oddities from a fertile imagination. Bookworm's 125 color reproductions are imaginative evidence of those processes that render literal meaning irrelevant. "

Okay, I guess I've procrastinated enough for now. This canvas ain't gonna paint itself.


Into the Blystic said...

this is way to synchronistic not to comment upon lol! I just found keri smith's site last night and something of hers sparked one of those 'gestalt' type realizations for me! and then you check out my work.. and i check out yours and she is there again with her wisdom!!! Thanks! and looking forward to seeing the finished commission! Love your work!! namaste Elis.

Gramercy Galleria said...


Ah, the lovely art of procrastination. Thank you for sharing the bits from Rosamond Purcell and Corita Kent. Adds to the sunshine of this day. Nice start on the canvas, can't wait to see where you take it.

William said...

I am glad I am not the only one who suffers this curious affliction. I have been contemplating trying a larger canvas again soon. It's been awhile since I've done anything so large. Good luck! If you are willing maybe sometime next week, I'd love to feature you over on Artist Hideout.

Angela Rockett said...

William - I'd love to be featured on Artist Hideout. Thank you.

Robin - Glad I could add sunshine to your day.

Elis - Thank you. Gotta love synchronicity!

bridgette said...

I really like that quote by corita kent. Thanks for posting it!

Thank you too for your comment on my tree painting. I hope you feel better soon too. :)