Thursday, January 04, 2007

Illustration Friday: Phoenix

"Feathered Nautilus", acrylics/collage, 7" x 5" canvas.
This piece is now in the home of the lovely Aravis who bought it in my Etsy shop.

Happy New Year!

If feels good to be able to post to the first Illustration Friday challenge of 2007. I'm slowly beginning to "rise from the ashes" of the distractions the holidays bring, and get back into the studio. Today will be the first day in what seems like months that I'll be spending quality and quantity time painting, without any non-art-related little errands and tasks hanging over my head. There's still art-related things to think about that aren't necessarily about the creating side, but I can push those to one side for a while. This week has primarily been about easing my head back into its art mode, and I'm hopeful that next week I'll be back into my "groove" and not feel so off-balance.

Attention Artists!
I've got some news to share that should interest you artists out there, as it will include a call for your talents. I should be posting about it early next week, so be sure to check back and read all about it!


garth said...

Beautiful painting. Oh, now that I look closer, beautiful collage. I just love mixed media images. I can see why it sold so fast.

Nicole said...

Really interesting!

studio lolo said...

Beautiful! This really resonates with me. said...

Happy New Year, Angela.

This is a really beautiful piece ... I enlarged it for viewing and it is amazing.

Lucky the lady who now owns it!

Alina Chau said...

wonderful design, love the layout and the rich texture!

Gramercy Galleria said...


BEAUTIFUL, this takes my breath away.


Toni said...

I love the dramatic colors of yellow gold to violet.

Beautiful piece to a very lucky recipient.