Monday, February 19, 2007

Stations and some random thoughts

Shadowplay, acrylics/collage painting on 24" x 24" canvas, ©2006

It was a really busy weekend, and I'm still having a little trouble with cohesive thought, but there are some things I wanted to blog about. So I apologize in advance if this comes out seeming a little random.

The deadline for Stations of the Cross draws near (March 12th). Found this article in this months Art & Soul section of Episcopal Life. Also posted this to our Arts & Music blog. I'm hoping it will be inspiring to all those working on entries. :)

Completed the artwork for Lent on Saturday. This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, so we'll be installing it on Saturday. I'll post pictures. Still working out details of what my Lenten practice will be.

My husband was voted in as a member of our church's Vestry.

Sold another painting yesterday!

Week three of the A & B day thing, and it is still working pretty well. I found myself feeling a bit unmotivated last week, but I still managed to get stuff done, painting, marketing, etc.

Today is primarily a B day. I updated and cleaned up my website a little bit this morning, and I still have to do some research and send out some marketing materials. All this computer stuff is getting to my wrist.


Gramercy Galleria said...


Thank you for the excellent link. Most helpful. MOST inspiring.


AscenderRisesAbove said...

beautiful art! thanks for sharing.