Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Illustration Friday: Total (mess)

This collage is what I came up with for the Illustration Friday theme this week which is "Total." I haven't done a lot of collaging lately, and I want to get back into that practice. The idea came to me when I was doing some dreaded bookkeeping and realized that I'd rather tear and glue than add and subtract to find a total, so I tore up a piece of the accounting paper and added a receipt from a recent bookstore purchase, then played until a composition came together.

Today has been a total mess so far. An item of furniture I ordered which was supposed to arrive yesterday did not. I waited all day. Spoke with customer service this morning and they said they'd look into it and if I didn't hear from them by 3 to call them again. Less than 2 hours to go, and their online order status still shows that I should expect it yesterday. This piece of furniture represents the beginning of revamping my studio space so that it's easier and more pleasant to use, so I'm rather disappointed that it's being postponed. When (and if) it does arrive, I'll tell you more about that project.

Had to run out and buy some groceries and while I was there I decided to order a sandwich at their deli. They got the order wrong - forgot the lettuce. They also overcharged me by 50 cents for the cookie I'd gotten to console myself about the messed up order. Didn't notice either until I got home. Not worth going back for, but annoying.

And I check my e-mail to find that another gallery thanks me for my submission but isn't adding artists at this time. :P

I really hope this isn't a sign for how another project (more on that later too) I'm starting tonight is going to go. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.


Rrramone said...

I like it, and you're inspiring me to do some collage~!!

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

A really nice composition! Great work.

steve said...

I've been wanting to do stuff like this for a while now. Don't know what I've been waiting for. Love it.

miragee said...

These different kinds of paper look really good when put together! I love the piece too!

Well, if one day is filled with so many bad things, the next day will certainly go more smoothly. A lot of good luck and best wishes!