Thursday, March 29, 2007

Visions of the Cross artist: Anne Louise Gillilan

"Station VI – Veronica Wipes Jesus' Brow", needle sketch on hand-painted wool felt, 20" x 9", ©Anne Louise Gillilan

Anne Louise Gillilan's three entries come to us all the way from Alaska! This is Anne Louise's vision of the sixth station of the cross. She says:

All my life I have pursued art in one form or another, finding expression in clay, paper, paint, pencil, fiber and thread, often mixing mediums to express ideas. Seven years ago I started studying Art/Design and embroidery through City & Guilds of London at the Gail Harker Creative Studies Center in Oak Harbor, Washington. I have done extensive research into historical embroidery, interviewed embroiderers from around the world, and studied historical and contemporary embroidery in England.

Each piece is custom designed and is unique. As I work on a design I use words, pictures, and other inspirations to convey an expression of the place or individual for whom I am designing. The images in the Stations are inspired by Byzantine art and are intended to evoke emotions of the humanness of Christ as He faces His death.

To learn more about Anne Louise and her artwork, please visit her website.

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