Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Visions of the Cross artist: Sue Chrisensen

Lily and Ash, 6" x 4" (framed to 14" x 11") color photograph, ©Sue Christensen

This photograph is part of a series (of which we'll be displaying 3) entitled Passion Play. Sue says:

This work was created as part of my portfolio for graduation from the New England School of Photography. What began as a search for God in nature, led, with the guidance of a good teacher, to an exploration of churches, and then to self-portraits.

The series is entitled Passion Play, because it follows the journey of Christ through His passion, death and resurrection. Christian symbols such as lilies and ashes are incorporated in the images. Colors and light are also crucial in relating the story. The images are printed small to preserve their intimacy and to invite you, the viewer, to come close and share in that intimacy and the journey.

It is not my intention to present myself in the place of God. At times, when creating the work, I thought of myself, perhaps, as one of the women who knew Christ during His earthly ministry. The Bible also talks of us having to take up our cross, and die, in order to live. The road Christ followed is one all who believe in Him must trod.

These images are filled with hope. There is suffering, there is death, but there is light and in the end life, rebirth. They are a visual prayer.

To find out more about Sue and her photography, please visit her website.

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