Monday, March 05, 2007

The Zoo at last!

This gorgeous jaguar was pretty active while we were there. The big cats usually seem to be lazing about, just like our housecats, when I see them in zoos, but this one seemed to want to play.

Brown Bears are HUGE! I had no idea just how big they really are.

Beautiful female gyrfalcon, the largest falcon. The raptor show was one of my favorite parts of the day. Very informative, and I just adore birds of prey so getting this close to one was quite a thrill.

Yesterday we finally went to the Zoo. It was chilly and a little damp, but it wasn't snowing or raining so we decided to go for it and had a really lovely day. I have to admit that my feelings at zoos range from dismay that these beautiful animals are locked up, horror at learning what is happening to their native habitats, and absolute delight in being able to be so close to them. I managed to take some pretty decent photographs which I'm planning to use for future sketches and possibly paintings too. I'm also planning to go back as often as I can (since I have a membership now) and maybe sketching in person. Also, we were there for about 5 hours and we didn't get to see it all, so I have to go back to see what we missed.

You can follow the link below to see Woodland Park Zoo's recommendations for:

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waking up late said...

I'm glad you got around to your zoo adventure. I haven't been to the zoo in a long time. I sure plan a trip for myself soon.

I really like the picture of the bear.