Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Studio! Part 2

concrete floor in studio sans adhesive!

After a couple of ill-advised and failed attempts, victory over the ugly black adhesive residue on my new studio's floor was achieved! Many thanks to Hertz Equipment Rental in downtown Bothell, especially Rich. On his recommendation, yesterday I rented this machine, a floor buffer with a scraper attachment, and it worked!

Our friend Ron did the actual work. He did a great job and I am so grateful he was in town. He's an itinerant musician. Really. He leads a totally nomadic existence. He's been all over the country, and was recently traveling the UK, with his band, Morgansorange. He's been friends with my husband for a couple of decades, and when I first met him back in '94, he owned a record store in Las Vegas. Now he makes his own music, and in between gigs, he looks for odd jobs (like this one) to pad his wallet, so it worked out perfectly.

I should be moved in (at least partially) and painting in the new space by next week! Yay!!!!!


Kris said...

Lovely :) does this mean we're doing more cleaning this weekend?

andrea said...

Looking good! I'm enjoying watching your studio's progress.

Cre8Tiva said...

oh...i am searching for a space for my studio...i am manifesting one...i wish you much creativity in the new space...blessings, rebecca