Friday, August 17, 2007


Desert Sky, acrylic on canvas, 24"x 12", ©2006

I'm feeling a little blue and lonely today. Even painting didn't really do anything for me. Just one of those days I guess.

It's funny, though. As much as I'd rather be happy and not feel bad, once I get past the worst of it (usually marked by a good cry), I feel quiet and still. And I can sense deeper waters. Not because depressed is deep - it's not really, it's just depressed - but because in the stillness that follows it I feel able to slow down and explore where I usually would just skim over (even when I'm trying to slow down and pay attention).

Now that I think about it, these days of unexplainable mood drops often seem to follow a period of too much skimming and not enough going deep. Must remember that.


bridgette said...

THis painting is beautiful Angela! I hope you're feeling better today.

Sometimes darkness is just as important as light. It does help us to slow down and pay attention.

Your recent call for art is intriguing...

miragee said...

Angela, I just survived from one of those blue periods. I guess no matter how creative and productive we are, we just have to face that. But I am sure that you will rise from it with flowing inspiration.

I see hope and light in the orange color!

carla said...

This painting is very deep itself... it has a stillness and mystery, peaceful, but distant. I imagine that the texture "in person" is gorgeous. I knwo about those blue feelings. I think they are just part of our human rhythm... I've learned to accept them and soon they pass.

leslyf said...

I really love this painting ... the colours are my favourites and the design draws me in. Deep and mysterious. Wish I could see it for real!