Thursday, August 09, 2007

First painting from new studio!

As of yet untitled, this is the first painting to have been completed in my new studio space! It's acrylic and collage on a 24" x 24" canvas and I just finished it today. At least, I think it's finished. I might look at it in a couple of days and decide it needs something added, but it feels done to me now.

Though it took me a couple of weeks to get settled in, I'm really enjoying the new space. I can more fully concentrate there, and having room to move around has been great. It's also allowed me to work on more than one painting at a time, so I hope to be posting more paintings soon.

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carla said...

This has amazing depth! I feel as though I am looking through many layers, the images emerging from deep within. It's lovely! It must be great to have enough space to work on a few things at a time. I have been working on two projects this past week - a painting and a painted box - and I felt more productive being able to take turns with each one. I was able to stop on one when I felt I was losing my patience and work on the other. Of course, both are relatively small, so I could do it in my small space! Well.. I am looking forward to seeing what other beauties come out of your new studio:>