Friday, September 28, 2007

"date" night

Harlie in Wade's suitcase as he tries to pack. Clearly she doesn't think this is a good idea.

My husband is out of town this weekend visiting family and friends in Vegas. Though my husband is the love of my life, I look forward to these occasional weekends alone. I find that it's a good time to gather in all the loose bits and refocus. I also usually plan a date night with just me. Tonight it's putting on my pajamas, opening a nice white wine, having a lovely fish and pasta dinner, and popping a movie into the DVD player. I've got some really good chocolate from Seattle Chocolate Company to wash it all down with too. :)

Today has been a great day. I dropped of my painting at the gallery, then I took some of my paintings over to my hairdresser's salon because she wanted to see how they'd look on display there. Her salon is called Salon Rouge, and red is the theme, so we thought my poppy paintings might look good there. And they do! (I'll try to get photos posted later - forgot my camera today.) Not only did she display two of my paintings, she bought another one too!

And even with all this wonderfulness, I've really been looking forward to my "date" tonight. With all routine out the window, I can newly appreciate the simple pleasures of a good dinner and a relaxing evening at home. I hope I can take this appreciation with me when routine, and my husband, returns.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

2007 Northwest Fine Arts Competition

Blue Echo, acrylic/collage on canvas, 36" x 24", ©2006

I just received word that my painting, Blue Echo, has been accepted into the 2007 Northwest Fine Arts Competition at the Phinney Center Gallery! The show opens with a reception next Friday, October 5, 7–9pm, and will remain on exhibit until October 26th. I'm looking forward to seeing the other art in the exhibit, and hopefully meeting some of the artists too. If you're in the area, please stop by!

Update: I posted this yesterday, and then this morning I found out that the theme for Illustration Friday this week is "the blues". With all the blue here, I had to post it to IF too. I love the color blue, and often use it in my work. And of course, like many artists, I also suffer from the blues from time to time. In small doses, it can actually be an aid to creativity, as I mentioned in my previous "Blue" post.

Friday, September 07, 2007

more studio thoughts…

I've found my dream studio! Well, in a book at least. I scanned the above photo from a book called Pottery Barn Work Spaces (Pottery Barn Design Library) which I checked out from the library looking for ideas on how to organize my work spaces (oddly enough). I just love this space! The brightness, the wonderful wood floors, the huge work island in the middle, and the fact that it's a cottage which I assume is in the artist's backyard. That's what I want!

But, until then, my studio works very well, and I'm slowly learning how to work at home again too. I've started by making little paintings. I bought a little portable palette with little jars so I can bring some of my acrylics home with me so I'm not limited to watercolors. And I've brought home more of my collage materials too. My aim is to make a little painting every day, and so far I'm 3 for 3. These are each about 4" x 6" on paper.
Sept. 4

Sept. 5

Sept. 6

I'm still having some trouble with quieting and getting to that really deep place where my art comes from when I'm in my studio, but these little paintings take me there. So hopefully these will help with my big pieces too.

In other news, my back is better. I went to a new chiropractor last Sunday, and between his adjustments and the yoga stretches he assigned me so practice twice a day, I've been feeling much better. Last night I had a bit of a relapse (I think I was on the computer too long), but my back seems to be doing okay now. It's amazing how the pain in my back affected everything though! Since Sunday, I've had more energy and a brighter outlook on life than I've had in a while.