Friday, September 28, 2007

"date" night

Harlie in Wade's suitcase as he tries to pack. Clearly she doesn't think this is a good idea.

My husband is out of town this weekend visiting family and friends in Vegas. Though my husband is the love of my life, I look forward to these occasional weekends alone. I find that it's a good time to gather in all the loose bits and refocus. I also usually plan a date night with just me. Tonight it's putting on my pajamas, opening a nice white wine, having a lovely fish and pasta dinner, and popping a movie into the DVD player. I've got some really good chocolate from Seattle Chocolate Company to wash it all down with too. :)

Today has been a great day. I dropped of my painting at the gallery, then I took some of my paintings over to my hairdresser's salon because she wanted to see how they'd look on display there. Her salon is called Salon Rouge, and red is the theme, so we thought my poppy paintings might look good there. And they do! (I'll try to get photos posted later - forgot my camera today.) Not only did she display two of my paintings, she bought another one too!

And even with all this wonderfulness, I've really been looking forward to my "date" tonight. With all routine out the window, I can newly appreciate the simple pleasures of a good dinner and a relaxing evening at home. I hope I can take this appreciation with me when routine, and my husband, returns.

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Peter said...

Sounds like bliss!!! And congrats on selling a painting ... another excuse to raise a glass!!!