Friday, September 07, 2007

more studio thoughts…

I've found my dream studio! Well, in a book at least. I scanned the above photo from a book called Pottery Barn Work Spaces (Pottery Barn Design Library) which I checked out from the library looking for ideas on how to organize my work spaces (oddly enough). I just love this space! The brightness, the wonderful wood floors, the huge work island in the middle, and the fact that it's a cottage which I assume is in the artist's backyard. That's what I want!

But, until then, my studio works very well, and I'm slowly learning how to work at home again too. I've started by making little paintings. I bought a little portable palette with little jars so I can bring some of my acrylics home with me so I'm not limited to watercolors. And I've brought home more of my collage materials too. My aim is to make a little painting every day, and so far I'm 3 for 3. These are each about 4" x 6" on paper.
Sept. 4

Sept. 5

Sept. 6

I'm still having some trouble with quieting and getting to that really deep place where my art comes from when I'm in my studio, but these little paintings take me there. So hopefully these will help with my big pieces too.

In other news, my back is better. I went to a new chiropractor last Sunday, and between his adjustments and the yoga stretches he assigned me so practice twice a day, I've been feeling much better. Last night I had a bit of a relapse (I think I was on the computer too long), but my back seems to be doing okay now. It's amazing how the pain in my back affected everything though! Since Sunday, I've had more energy and a brighter outlook on life than I've had in a while.


Anonymous said...

Great studio space for sure, I love the flooring especially.Great collage pieces !

Peter said...

I LOVE those small pieces ... they are so subtle and beautiful.

thealteredpage said...

All three of these paintings are wonderful. I especially love the rich, deep colors of the second piece.