Tuesday, November 27, 2007

...and it's not even December yet!

It's been a busy week so far (yes, I know it's only Tuesday).

Went to California last week to visit with family for Thanksgiving. Had a pretty good visit, with a few notable exceptions. The biggest being that my maternal grandmother passed away just before we got there. She was a really great lady, and she will be sorely missed. Especially by her husband of 65 years, my grandfather.

After returning home. on Saturday night we went to a Baroque concert at our church. It was awesome! It's a new group that includes our oh-so-talented organist/choir director Sheila Bristow and they call themselves Concerto Baroque. They recorded the performance, so I'm hoping there will be a CD available soon.

Concerto Baroque

Yesterday and today have been taken up with a lot of getting ready for my open studio this Saturday, and with getting the gallery at church ready to install the new exhibition "Silence" which also opens this weekend, with a reception for the artists December 6th. Besides getting the actual space ready (we've had to expand the gallery space to accommodate all the wonderful art we received), I've also begun posting about each of the artists on the church's artsblog. I'm about half done, and plan to have the rest done by Friday. Lots of really great art, so check it out!

I haven't even started to think about Christmas shopping yet!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Newsletter 2007

"Green Silence", acrylic/collage painting on 36"x 36" canvas, ©2007

The StudioTenshi Newsletter
The art of Angela Wales Rockett: Highlights of 2007

Dear Friends and Patrons,

I think the biggest news of 2007 is that I finally have a studio! Up to a few months ago, my studio has always been the second bedroom in our apartment, a space that was getting progressively more cramped the more I worked. Now I have a large space with great windows and plenty of room to move around in thanks to the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Kenmore, Washington where my studio is now located. To celebrate this, I've invited a few local artist friends of mine to share in a group open studio from 2-6pm on Saturday, December 1st. It should be a fun afternoon of art and refreshments, and I hope to see you there.

2007 also saw me trying my hand at curating. I've curated one solo exhibit and three juried group exhibits this year for the CR Gallery, also in the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer. The latest show is work exploring the theme of silence and will be on display beginning December 2nd. It's been very exciting, and a lot of hard but gratifying work, to bring wonderful artwork together and get to know great people in the process. I look forward to curating many more exhibits in the future.

Other big news is that my artwork has finally made it to New York City! I was juried into membership in the Square Inch Gallery in Manhattan just a couple of months ago. Their concept is "A Manhattan Apartment Gallery with Manhattan Apartment Sized Art", so it's primarily smaller pieces. They have a reception every second Thursday from 7-9pm, and are open by appointment.

One of my paintings, Veil I, juried into being included the 2007-2008 Daniel Smith Catalog of Artists' Materials (p. 204). Apparently this is a very competitive contest, with thousands of artists applying and only a few being chosen. And my painting was one of them!

Though you can still find my artwork on my website at http://www.studiotenshi.com, you also can find it at http://angelarockett.boundlessgallery.com. I just discovered Boundless Gallery this past month, and it has some very cool tools that I'm still playing with. One of the coolest is viewing art in an actual room! That's right, you can upload photos of the space where you want to display the art and see what it will look like before you buy. Check it out, and see how great my art would look in your room! :) Boundless also makes it easy for me to offer coupons and specials on my work, so keep an eye out for those too. In fact, I'll be posting one for the holidays.

That's about all for now. I plan on writing newsletters quarterly, and in the meantime you can always keep up with what I'm doing by reading my blog at http://ryhopewood.blogspot.com/.

Thank you all for your continuing support. Best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful holiday season.

Yours truly,

Angela Wales Rockett

Getting ready for new art exhibit

Yesterday was a very busy day of getting ready for "Silence", the next exhibit at the CR Gallery. While the arts committee worked on getting the space ready, most of the local artists dropped off their work in the morning. It was really great to finally meet them and see their beautiful work in person! Unfortunately in all the buzz and excitement, I forgot to take pictures of all the activity yesterday.

I am really looking forward to this show. (I look forward to all the shows I've curated, but the excitement just keeps growing with each new show.) We had a great response from all over the country, and a few from other countries too. Narrowing it down to what we could fit on the walls was a difficult. We've had to expand the gallery space in order to accommodate all the wonderful art that the jury accepted, and that involved a lot of drilling into poured concrete. Not fun, but luckily I didn't have to do that myself. :)

I'll be posting on each artist individually in the coming weeks, but to give you an idea of the fine caliber of work we'll be exhibiting, check out these links:
Jeremy Fahringer, Bridgette Guerzon Mills, Andrea Pratt, Dayton Knipher, Kathy Thaden, and, well, me
(There are more artists, but I unfortunately I don't have websites for all of them.)

I'm leaving tomorrow to visit with family in Southern California for Thanksgiving. When I get back, look for more information about the show and the artists.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Desert print from Andrea!

Desert, 8"x8" print mounted on cradled panel by Andrea Pratt

Just a quick note to say I got my print from Andrea today! I love it! Such a wonderful, beautiful painting. And the print turned out so well, which made me very happy since somebody else is lucky enough to have the original on their wall. Yay!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Poppy Print

Poppy I

I forgot that I was also waiting for this art. I was recently entered into a contest at ImageKind to receive a small print of one of my own paintings, ImageKind would choose which, and I won! Ironically I was notified I'd be getting the print the day after the actual painting sold. Anyway, it arrived today and I am very impressed! I'd never seen one of their prints before and the image quality and color is great.

Now I have to decide whether I should keep it, sell it, or give it to someone as a Christmas gift.

I haven't really done much with my ImageKind account, but I really should do a lot more. They have so much to offer, including giclee prints of various sizes and many framing options. And I have now seen firsthand that their quality is excellent. I guess that's going on my list of to-do items. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Pay it Forward

Wow, it's been a long time, hasn't it. Well, I've got a few things I want to tell you about, so I'll be posting more often this week.

First, I'm very excited because I will soon be receiving art from 3 of my favorite artist friends. Peter Birch will be sending me a package of his promotional materials from Wales! I bought a print of a wonderful, but sold, painting from Andrea Pratt which should be here later this week! Oh happy mail box!

And finally, I got lucky and managed to be one of the first 3 people to comment on Tracy Helgeson's "pay it forward" post, so sometime in the next year, I will receive a painting from her!

In exchange for Tracy's painting, I now continue this project. Here are the rules for Pay It Forward (via Deanna, etc):

I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.

When you leave your comment, please also do one of two things: leave your post address or e-mail it to me.