Sunday, November 18, 2007

Getting ready for new art exhibit

Yesterday was a very busy day of getting ready for "Silence", the next exhibit at the CR Gallery. While the arts committee worked on getting the space ready, most of the local artists dropped off their work in the morning. It was really great to finally meet them and see their beautiful work in person! Unfortunately in all the buzz and excitement, I forgot to take pictures of all the activity yesterday.

I am really looking forward to this show. (I look forward to all the shows I've curated, but the excitement just keeps growing with each new show.) We had a great response from all over the country, and a few from other countries too. Narrowing it down to what we could fit on the walls was a difficult. We've had to expand the gallery space in order to accommodate all the wonderful art that the jury accepted, and that involved a lot of drilling into poured concrete. Not fun, but luckily I didn't have to do that myself. :)

I'll be posting on each artist individually in the coming weeks, but to give you an idea of the fine caliber of work we'll be exhibiting, check out these links:
Jeremy Fahringer, Bridgette Guerzon Mills, Andrea Pratt, Dayton Knipher, Kathy Thaden, and, well, me
(There are more artists, but I unfortunately I don't have websites for all of them.)

I'm leaving tomorrow to visit with family in Southern California for Thanksgiving. When I get back, look for more information about the show and the artists.

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