Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Poppy Print

Poppy I

I forgot that I was also waiting for this art. I was recently entered into a contest at ImageKind to receive a small print of one of my own paintings, ImageKind would choose which, and I won! Ironically I was notified I'd be getting the print the day after the actual painting sold. Anyway, it arrived today and I am very impressed! I'd never seen one of their prints before and the image quality and color is great.

Now I have to decide whether I should keep it, sell it, or give it to someone as a Christmas gift.

I haven't really done much with my ImageKind account, but I really should do a lot more. They have so much to offer, including giclee prints of various sizes and many framing options. And I have now seen firsthand that their quality is excellent. I guess that's going on my list of to-do items. I'll keep you posted.


andrea said...

Since ImageKind offers a range of print qualities, what paer and what ink was used to create this? As a new ImageKinder I haven't done anything with my account yet. If you explore further, let us know what you learn!

Gabrielle said...

I can't offer any suggestions but I just wanted to tell you that when I saw this spectacular painting I literally gasped.

Now off I go to check out ImageKind...