Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Directions

(no title yet), acrylic/collage on canvas, 36"x24", ©2007

When I sat down at the computer, I had some idea of what I was going to write about, but by the time I got the above image ready to include in the post, I forgot what it was. Guess the ol' mind is slipping. Well, I'll start writing, and maybe it will come to me.

The painting above was one of the last paintings I completed in 2007, and I think it represents a new direction in my work. (It also tells me that I really need to improve in the area of photographing my work.) Not a wildly new direction, more like a gathering of various directions into one. That seems to be what my work in 2007 was about. As you can see in this detail, I used a lot of scratching as linear elements, and this seems to be the focus of this newer direction. I've used scratching before, but now it's really caught my attention, and all my work since then has included it more heavily than in my previous work.

And speaking of new directions, last week I started taking a printmaking class over at the Kirkland Art Center. The class is called Copper and Collage, and it's focus is on combining printmaking with collage. I've never taken a printmaking class before, and I'm very excited about the potential I see in this experimental class. The instructor is wonderful, and the class is small and very friendly. I'm looking forward to going back tonight. Hopefully I'll have some work from the class to post soon (last week was all about preparing the copper plates).

I still haven't thought of what else I was going to write about. I'll have to get back to you. :)


Peter said...

I love the picture ... I particularly like the way you are able to use dark colours and tones without it becoming 'muddy' or losing that certain vibrancy.

carla said...

This painting looks like the hints of sun rising...a new dawn, not just of a day, but of an era. It has that feeling of vastness. I love the scratching! I use scratching and marking a lot in my work, because I feel adds power and energy in a very subtle way. This is quite beautiful!

Angela Rockett said...

Peter - Thank you!

Carla - Thank you, too. And, yes, I think that is why I am drawn to scratching and marking too. I had another friend just today mention the hints of a sun rising, so I think I might use your comment to help me finally title the piece too. :)

Iggi Art said...

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tlc illustration said...

Felt like sunrise to me as well. :-)

How lucky to be taking a printmaking class. I've always wanted to do that. Keep posting on how you like it please.