Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The gray beauty of winter

Far Shore, acrylic on canvas, 5"x7", ©2008

I completed this little painting yesterday. I'm working on several little paintings at the moment, and they all have something in common with the Northwest's winter weather - they are all gray. They also represent a new development in my artistic endeavors in that I set out to capture, to visually reflect on, to respond to my current surroundings. I know, that sounds strange. Isn't that what we artists do anyway? The difference is that I consciously did it. And I'm really enjoying the process, and the result.

In the past when I've consciously set out to do this, my efforts have usually ended in disappointment, and another layer of gesso, and I returned to my imagination for inspiration. But with the consistent grayness of our winter world, I really felt inspired to try again. Not only to capture the moment, but to get myself to go deeper than the surface and rediscover and express the beauty that is to be found, even in winter.


andrea said...

And it's working! It's been so long since I followed my intuition like that that I'm scared to try. This is really earthy and spiritual in a way, even though my first thought on seeing it was that something had died under that ice on the pond! :) Show us more!

Peter said...

I'm lovin' it! This is a great pic ... as ever.

girl work studios said...

The texture is beautiful. Something haunting and edgy about this image as well, like a force wanting to break through the bleakness. I really like it.

Angela Rockett said...

Thank you all! I love hearing what others see in my work - and that they like it too! :)

More are definitely on the way. Just have to get the ol' camera out.