Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

<<--me at Uwajimaya with my bubble tea

So yesterday I turned (gasp!) 40. Not really feeling one way or the other about the big 4-0, at least not yet. Maybe it just hasn't really sunk in.

Anyway, spent a nice quiet day with my husband, who took the day off work so he could celebrate my birthday with me. Isn't he a sweetie?! We had originally planned to spend the day seeing the new exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum, wandering Pike Place Market, then getting sushi for dinner. Unfortunately, I'm still experiencing the lingering effects of this cold and I woke up feeling too tired to do all that. So instead we went to the Uwajimaya downtown, one of my favorite places, where I got my favorite treat, a mango milk tea with tapioca ("bubble tea") from The Honey Moon Tea Co., and some sushi from the deli there for lunch. We also picked up some lovely pieces of cake from the Yummy House Bakery, but they were unfortunately much prettier than tasty. Oh, well. I've always been curious about them, and now I know. We'll be sticking to their oh so yummy sponge cake from now on.

pieces of cake which we took home with us - when she learned it was my birthday, the girl at the bakery counter taped the candle to the take out container :) -->>

After we wandered around in the store for a bit, and I got several ideas to decide between for what to spend my birthday money on, we decided to head for a movie. 27 Dresses ended up being our choice, and it was great! Really funny and entertaining, with great performances from all the cast. It gave me the same feeling I get from watching Pillow Talk, so when it comes out on DVD, it will be joining my collection. After that we headed home and watched DVDs the rest of the evening.

It was a really lovely day.


girl work studios said...

Happy birthday Angela! Once you hit the 40 milestone, it just gets easier. Although, Feb 29th? aren't you only 10? And that's a lovely picture of you, you don't look anywhere near 40!

Cynthia said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Angela! Great things started happening to me when I turned 40 - it only gets better if you ask me.

dinahmow said...

Yes, the Big Four O was a breeze! Pleased yours was happy.

Nopw, I've messed up my favorite list and can't find your foody blog, but you might like to know that The Green Barn, in Lynden (not far from Bellingham) is THE place to shop for quality. I wish I could get there!

Anonymous said...

I am the worst friend EVER! Happy belated birthday! Ok, I didn't think you were going to be've always been younger than me!

Love ya,

malamik said...

Happy 40th! May this be your best year ever!
I trapsed over here from Michelle Johnson's blog..
I'm glad I did!
Be well,