Tuesday, April 22, 2008

catching up

Lately Mother Nature can't seem to decide what season it is. Last Saturday, April 12th, it was gorgeous, warm and sunny. Went on a picnic with friends.

Geese at the park in Maltby, WA

Rained a lot during the week. Spent time in the studio painting and taking another stab at photographing my artwork. Went much better this time. Now I just have to play in the digital darkroom and get the images onto my website.

This past weekend, rain, hail and SNOW.
Snow coming down with the new leaves on the cottonwood trees in the background

Leaves one feeling a bit unsettled.

On Saturday my husband and I had a bit of a cultural day, starting with a trip to the Seattle Art Museum to see the Roman Art from the Louvre. Nice stuff, but the exhibit left me feeling a bit flat. Seeing Roman art at the Getty in L.A. was much better.

In the afternoon we went to a performance by the Seattle Choral Company at Benaroya Hall, which was wonderful. I was particularly impressed with the piece composed by Eric Whitacre, but it was all excellent.
View from our seats at Benaroya Hall in Seattle

Today, after a couple of hours in the studio, I had a lovely lunch with my friend Jessica. I hadn't gotten together with her in a few months and it was really great to catch up.

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girl work studios said...

What a wonderful few days of outings you've had! We've been experiencing this crazy weather too. Lots of snow weighing down cherry blossom branches. Strange.
(Btw - stayed up too late reading Lavondyss yesterday, I'm really enjoying it!)