Friday, April 11, 2008

Wine and Cameras

view over the Gorge of a windfarm and some spectacular clouds, late afternoon when we arrived on Sunday

Thanks to my husband's new job, we just spent a couple of days at Cave B Inn/Winery at Sagecliffe over on the eastern side of Washington. We had a really lovely time. I got to attend my first wine tasting, and tasted some truly excellent wines (and ended up with quite a bit of a buzz). Brought a few bottles home too.

While Wade was attending his work meeting on Monday morning, I wandered around and snapped a lot of photos. I had intended to get in some sketching too, but it was just too cold and very windy. You can see some of the pictures here on my Flickr page. But some of them I took with this camera, my new toy, that I got with my birthday money. As soon as I saw it and read the description, I knew I had to have it. It's a film camera, so I have to wait until I develop the film to see how the photos turned out. How crazy is that? In this digital age, I don't think I've bought film in at least six years. I should be able to get them developed next week, and I'll be sure to share here.

Continuing with the camera/photography theme, I spent last Friday afternoon photographing my artwork with my digital SLR. I had recently upgraded my lighting setup to include reflective umbrellas and daylight fluorescent bulbs, so I set to with high hopes. Most of the photos turned out okay, but I think I need to get some black cloth for the background. The light color of the wall paint reflects just a bit too much and creates a bit of a haze on some of the shots. Sadly about half of the photos ended up unusable because I somehow changed the settings on my camera without knowing it. I haven't had it all that long and I'm still getting used to it (really need to make that a priority). Luckily, this isn't a film camera, or I'd be out a lot of money as well as time. So, I'll have to find some time next week to retake the pictures. More practice probably won't hurt anyway. It's not as easy as it looks! This great book on photographing artwork (2 dimensional and 3 dimensional) has really helped.


andrea said...

I love that Diana! I can hardly wait to see the results. I've always thought I'd like to collect vintage (and other cool) cameras. What is your digital SLR? (The top of my 'want' list!)

Angela Rockett said...

Andrea - I have a Nikon D40. Maybe not as impressive as the D80, but much more affordable, and still the Nikon quality I was after. I used to have a Nikon film SLR that I loved, until my dad "borrowed" it.

girl work studios said...

That sounds like such a lovely trip, even this time of year.I love that camera too. Square photos, very cool. Film is positively scary in this digital age, I love the whole low-fi photography movement, there's some real interesting stuff being done.

cynthia said...

Sounds like a terrific trip and I love your photograph! It feels pretty magical to me.

I need a new camera...

Elizabeth said...

angela! HI!
i am just now getting used to organizing my blog lists...having just recently figured out the RSS feed thing (i know, i'm slow)
so now i can keep track of things with you -- good for you for experimenting with old fashioned film again. i was just thinking about trying some of that myself, as my old camera's resale value has to be close to nil.
i have a blog now, too:
i'll be visiting seattle for 3 days, end of May....will try to connect with you!
beth haidle

mcdc3s said...

Thank you for the Imagekind Feedback! I have set up an account there. Your artwork is lovely there.

Gwen Buchanan said...

What an amazing sky!!! amazing silhouette!