Monday, May 26, 2008

Gallery 309 Opening Reception

Entrance to Gallery 309 (painted by Yael Zahavy-Mittelman). Straight across from the entry? One of my paintings!

You can see the rest of the pictures that my husband took here on his Flickr photostream.

The reception at Gallery 309 last Thursday night was excellent! Lots of great art. The gallery directors had originally planned on displaying 2 or 3 pieces by each artist, but instead they opted for a salon look and covered every bit of wall they could. There was so much great energy, so many people truly interested in the art and the artists. And lots of Europeans. Surely, that's a good sign at an art opening, right? :) And at one point, one of the gallery directors whisked me away from group to another so he could introduce me to one of the clients. Very cool.

Though I didn't meet all the other artists, I did get to talk to a few of them, including Yael Zahavy-Mittelman. I'd met her a couple of years ago when she came to my reception at ArtsWest, but what I didn't realize then is that we actually live in the same town! Interesting how these things come together, no?

And many wonderful friends showed up too, including artists Bridgette and Jessica. Lots of wonderful art talk - inspirations, working methods, challenges, etc. There have been times when art receptions just leave me exhausted, but this one was so energizing. Ended up staying until 10:30 when it was supposed to end, but from the looks of it, the party could have gone all night.

The most awesome part of the evening happened just before we left. Jessica and I had been trying to meet one of the artists whose work we particularly admired, Deborah McCarroll (who also designed the announcement), but she didn't seem to be in attendance. Then she walked in just as we were starting to head out. This meeting was electrifying for me. At first it was just the usual artist meets artist, I like your work, etc. etc. But at the end, she spoke words to my very soul. I wish I'd had a tape recorder so I could remember each of her exact words. I don't know how to adequately convey just how powerful an experience this was, but she looked me in the eyes and with great gravity told me that she can feel the "power" in my work, she can feel that I work "from the inside-out", she could "feel" my brush strokes, that my work is "beautiful and don't ever stop making it." You could have knocked me over with a feather.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


"Mapping the Depths", acrylic/collage on canvas, 12"x24", ©2008

It's been a strange week. I woke up Monday, felt kinda tired and decided I'd stay home and work on my website instead of going to the studio. Turned out it was a good thing I stayed home because it soon became apparent that I had the flu! This on the heels of having a cold last week! It's like everything I've managed to avoid all cold & flu season decided to catch up with me at once. Usually when I get sick, it ends up being pretty minor and only puts me out of commission for a day at most. But these two both knocked me flat, so I've missed a lot of studio time the past couple of weeks. I'm feeling better today, and was able to get back to the studio for a couple of hours this morning (and complete the painting above), but that pretty much wiped me out.

Before I succumbed, I did manage to update my website a bit, as well as my ImageKind print gallery. It's been so long since I've touched either that there's still a lot of work to do, but hopefully I'll be more regular about it. Speaking of ImageKind, I got my first commission payment from them! Like I said, I've been pretty much ignoring my gallery there, so it came as a big surprise. It also encouraged me to try a bit harder. If I can make a little money by doing nothing with it, I could probably make a lot more if I actually tried.

By the way, if you ever see me post a painting with "as yet untitled", please feel free to offer suggestions. Sometimes hearing how other people perceive a piece helps me get a sense for how it should be titled.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Gallery!

A week from today, you'll be able to find my work at the new Gallery 309 in the heart of Belltown, downtown Seattle. There will be a reception to celebrate the gallery's opening and to introduce their artists on Thursday, May 22nd, 7:30–10:30pm. Meet the artists (including me) and enjoy some great art along with some refreshments and live music. Invite your friends too!

In the very near future I will also be having a solo exhibit there. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

postcard designed by Deborah McCarroll

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Blues (and the grays) and May Day

(as of yet untitled), acrylic/collage on canvas, 10"x10", ©2008

Happy May Day, Ascension Day, Beltaine! Your pick.

I'm still painting the blues and grays. Part of me says to just go with it since that is apparently what I need to be painting, and I do enjoy it. Another part of me is trying to rebel (and whispering in my head that people will get bored with my work if I continue painting blues) and keeps reaching for the earth tones, even though all this results in is usually a lot of struggle and frustration until I start mixing blues again.

My friends tell me that the art history books will say this was my "blue period." :) I wonder if Picasso went through this conflict when he was in his blue period.

With the beginning of May I've started feeling a low-level panic about getting everything I need to get done finished in time for my solo exhibit in July. Not only do I want to paint many more pieces so I have many good pieces to choose from, but there's also a lot of marketing and research work I want to do by then too. On top of this, my style is definitely going through a change, which, while exciting, can also be a little unnerving.

Oh, and I hurt my neck somehow yesterday. Probably overdid some yoga stretch or something. Very annoying as it cut my time in the studio short today and makes driving very uncomfortable.