Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Blues (and the grays) and May Day

(as of yet untitled), acrylic/collage on canvas, 10"x10", ©2008

Happy May Day, Ascension Day, Beltaine! Your pick.

I'm still painting the blues and grays. Part of me says to just go with it since that is apparently what I need to be painting, and I do enjoy it. Another part of me is trying to rebel (and whispering in my head that people will get bored with my work if I continue painting blues) and keeps reaching for the earth tones, even though all this results in is usually a lot of struggle and frustration until I start mixing blues again.

My friends tell me that the art history books will say this was my "blue period." :) I wonder if Picasso went through this conflict when he was in his blue period.

With the beginning of May I've started feeling a low-level panic about getting everything I need to get done finished in time for my solo exhibit in July. Not only do I want to paint many more pieces so I have many good pieces to choose from, but there's also a lot of marketing and research work I want to do by then too. On top of this, my style is definitely going through a change, which, while exciting, can also be a little unnerving.

Oh, and I hurt my neck somehow yesterday. Probably overdid some yoga stretch or something. Very annoying as it cut my time in the studio short today and makes driving very uncomfortable.


andrea said...

Nooo -- don't stop! These are so serene and those of us who have trouble sticking with an idea/oeuvre envy you your 'constancy'. 'They' say that to make creative progress you must have that kind of dedication to exploring an idea thoroughly.

Bummer about your neck -- hope it feels better soon.

Ellen said...

I'm with Andrea, they're beautiful and soothing. I also completely respect your letting go and just exploring what feels right. The results speak for themselves. ouch -take care of that neck.

Michelle said...

But you do blue so beautifully! Don't stop...

cynthia said...

These are serene - keep doing it! I think you know what you need to express deep down inside.

I can so identify with the low level stress you're feeling right now!

Hope your neck feels better soon.

Shayla said...

It's an amazing piece! Wow! I'm glad you're ignoring those whispers to paint what you think people want.

bridgette said...

I am so excited for you and can't wait to see the finished body of work.

When I was creating like crazy last year I also freaked out a bit because in the process of creating like crazy, you can't help but grow. And change. It's a good thing.

Everything will get done. Enjoy the process!

tlc illustration said...

I love thematic series in a body of work. Variations can be the most interesting thing if really pushed and explored.

Hope your neck is recovering. Let me know when you feel up to it and have some 'herb time'. :-)

Peter said...

I love the seam you're mining at the moment ... you'll know when to stop ... when it runs out!

flyinamber said...

I'm visiting you for the first time..I like your blue artworks..Love this work and tryptich from your last post too..

mcdc3s said...

heh heh... your blue period! Do not surpress thy expression! (hehe)

Is this the season for blue? I have been drawn to teals myself. Your blues and grays are wonderful and obviously... needful to be shared.

I wish I could go to your show! Why are you so far away!