Friday, June 06, 2008

Photos - finally!

I was finally able to get photo prints from my Diana+ camera. I had taken the film in to be developed at my local camera store, but when I went to pick up the photos, I was only handed negatives and informed that because of the odd format they did not have the ability to print the photos and recommended that I take them to Panda Photographic Lab in downtown Seattle. This was back in April, and I finally had a chance to follow their advice yesterday when I took a little field trip with my friend Jessica.

The service and knowledge at Panda is exceptional! Dana, who helped me, not only knew just from looking at the negatives what kind of camera I'd used, he was also thoughtful enough to realize that I'd traveled a bit to get there so offered to rush my order through for me. I had photos in less than two hours! And they look fantastic. The three photos above are a few of my favorites from the B&W roll that I used when I visited Cave B Winery.

Often, when I have to go to a photo lab, I end up feeling like a lowly novice amongst grand wizards of a sacred alchemy, unworthy because I don't know as much as they do. I didn't get that feeling at all here. They were very encouraging and even suggested books and suppliers to help me get the most out of my new toy.

In other news, the group exhibit at Gallery 309 is down, and the solo shows start this month beginning with Anne Simernitski. Mine is scheduled for November - I'll make sure to keep you posted. More photos from the artists' reception can be seen here.

And I'm entering into the last stretch of getting ready for my solo show at Square Inch Gallery in New York. I can't believe I'll be in NYC in almost exactly one month! I've got the paintings pretty much done, just need to photograph them and wire them and get them packaged up. I'm hoping to have the postcard announcements soon (Liz said she'd have them this week sometime). I also bought a new dress for the opening reception. :)

Have a great weekend!


andrea said...

Will we get to see the grouping of paintings on-line somewhere before the show at Square Inch Gallery? So exciting -- and the photos have a wonderful nostalgic feel.

cynthia said...

I love the photos - they do feel nostalgic and even ghostly.

How exciting to be traveling to NY!

Peter said...

To me, the photos have a similar feel to your paintings.

Angela Rockett said...

Andrea: I'll be photographing the pieces this week and I hope to have them on my website sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Andrea, Cynthia and Peter: This camera really helps me photograph the world more in keeping with the way that I see it, which is definitely not the crisp, clean perfection of my digital camera.

Anonymous said...

I love those photos Ang!

Talk to you soon!

mcdc3s said...

Wow. How wonderful you were able to achieve such a great relationship with regards to the prints. It is so nice when people are willing to give of their knowledge... and I know that had to make you feel more comfortable and confident in your decision making. I am excited for your New York exhibit. I'd love to have one of the postcard announcements when they are ready. You are really busy.