Thursday, September 11, 2008

Art and Healing

My friend Matthew Flesch recently opened his acupuncture practice in Kirkland, Washington. He has made a great effort to make his treatment room very calm and soothing, and as part of this effort he asked if he could hang some of my paintings there on consignment. He said my work made anyplace feel more like a sanctuary. Well, if you're gonna put it that way :) I agreed, and I have to say, they look very nice there.

He's having an open house this Sunday (Sept. 14th) afternoon from 1–5pm, and all are invited. I'll definitely be there.

Veil III, 36" x 18"

Bridge, 24" x 24"

Green Silence, 36" x 36"


andrea said...

Matthew Flesch is a decidedly un-Chinese name :). Seriosuly, though, it's lovely and your work IS perfect for such a place. And if he was closer I'd be there, booking him to give that nagging spot in my lower back a go.

Gina said...

Your paintings look like they belong here. The serene muted colors of "Veil III" and "Green Silence" do calm while "Bridge" has happy squares of yellow. Hope a lucky, revitalized acupuncture patient wants to continue relaxing and takes home one of your works soon!

Peter said...

What a great place to display your paintings ... and how much good they will do people.

Michelle said...

What a great testament to your work!