Tuesday, October 07, 2008

...and a new home

Still feeling a bit off kilter - so much stuff demanding attention from my brain. Not the least of which is that we just signed the lease agreement for a house, so now we're moving! I fell in love with this house when we first moved to Bothell 3 years ago. It had been on the market for quite a while, but in a price range that was just way beyond our means. Then, a little over a week ago, we drove by it and saw the For Rent sign in the yard! Barely daring to hope, we wrote down the phone number and gave the owner a call.

A week later we got a chance to meet with the owner and tour the house. We got along great with him, loved the house, and we all agreed that this would be a great match. We'll be moving in by the end of the month! It all happened so fast.

So, now we pack. No matter how great and welcome a move this is, moving is still so stressful, and I'm having trouble getting into art-making mode. I'm hoping that since my studio doesn't have to be packed up in order to make this move that I'll be able to get back to creating soon.


Tracy said...

So cute!

Maybe you'll be able to buy it at some point?

Slowplum said...

Congrats! I'm very happy for you guys!!


bridgette said...

congratulations!! What a happy home. :)