Thursday, October 23, 2008

endless sea of boxes

Ah, look at these innocent boxes. The first I packed a couple of weeks ago when we decided to move house. These turned into a sea of boxes which we moved this past Saturday and that I'm still working through as I unpack our lives into our new home. I finally finished the kitchen yesterday and today I've made good progress on the livingroom and my little home studio. My computer is now in it's armoire and I can sit down in a chair to use it - that's definitely progress.

And my brain is slowly emerging from moving mode and I can see some glimmer of it getting back to art again soon. My goal is to get back to my regular studio schedule next week. I might even be able to go in tomorrow for a couple of hours! Don't know if any paint will meet canvas, but it will be good to at least be with my supplies again.

Even immersed in the sea of boxes, I did manage to hear a lot about the plight of the economy, and so far I think this solution makes the most sense:
See more Natalie Portman videos at Funny or Die


Ellen said...

And now with that pretty yard and a house, a puppy too?

andrea said...

I agree and I'm not even American. Just to prove my commitment, there's a 6 month old Lab puppy sitting on my feet. He's obsessed with my sheepskin slippers.

umrandom said...

Hee. That was great.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Ang is not getting a puppy, she LOVES her cats! (Lis)

Anonymous said...
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