Monday, January 26, 2009

Branching Out

Snow on Branches, black & white photographic print, 5" x 5", ©2009

(Ha! You get it? Branching... out...?)


I've really been enjoying playing with my Diana+ camera, and with it I've taken some pretty cool images that I'd love to share. I shot the above photo this past December during our first snow of the winter, and I finally got the film developed a week or so ago.

So, I'm adding frameable photographic prints to my Etsy shop. As I write this post there are only a couple of images available, but I'll be listing more over the next few days, both color and black & white, along with more size options, all beautifully printed on Kodak Professional Endura paper. I'll be adding notecards soon too, so be sure and check in often.

I took photography classes in college, but this is a relatively new arena for me, so I'm starting small and simple, and I'd love to hear what you think of the images. Also, if you see any other images in my Flickr Diana+ photostream that you'd like as a print or notecard, contact me and I'll see about getting that done for you.

In the meantime, I'm still painting, though you can't really tell by my blog lately. I'm planning to photograph my most recent pieces tomorrow so look for posts about them very soon.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Winner! and another sale!

And the winner is… Tracy Helgeson! It is so wonderful when an artist you admire turns around and admires you right back. :) Her copy of Mapping the Depths: an art exhibit and a trip to new york city is being made over at right now.

My sale is over, but I just heard that the very talented Andrea Pratt is having a sale here! Go check it out. I understand she's willing to dicker.

This sale has been a great experience, and it's given me some things to think about. I sense some blog posts in the making…

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Last day of sale

I'm not sure what to write about, but since it's the last day of my sale, I thought I should write something.

Firstly, a huge THANK YOU! to everyone who made a purchase (or 2 or 3!). I have paid our heating oil bill and I still have some money left to buy art supplies, and maybe even more heating oil should the need arise. :) Thanks also to everybody who was so supportive, even if they couldn't buy anything. Every little bit of that means so much to me.

And secondly, I mentioned in my sale announcement that all purchasers would be included in a drawing for a surprise gift. At the time I said "surprise gift" because I had no idea what it would be, but now I know that tomorrow I will draw the name of one of my lucky patrons to receive this:

and a trip to new ...
By Angela Wales Rockett

I made a book! It's title is Mapping the Depths: an art exhibit and a trip to new york city, and that's what it is. It catalogs all the paintings in the exhibit, and includes many of my photographs from our visit to NYC this past summer. I originally created it in order to be a souvenir of the event for me, and as a thank you to my biggest patron of 2008. She pretty much paid for the trip through her continuing support of my work (including purchasing several of the pieces in the exhibit) so I wanted her to have a souvenir too. The book is also available for sale through Blurb's website - just click on the image above, or the badge over in my sidebar.

There's still time to take advantage of the sale on my website and my small works blog, and to be included in the drawing!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Upon Reflection

Upon Reflection, acrylic on canvas, 5" x 5", ©2009 SOLD!

Only one week left in my 50% off for 50% of January Sale. I just completed and added this piece today, and you can purchase it here.

Since it's the beginning of a new year, I've been reflecting a lot about the goods and bads of the past year and about how I want to approach the new year. I've got the usual resolutions running around in my head, but from experience I know that these generally don't really mean anything past the end of January, so I'm trying to approach it a little differently this year.

One idea that really grabbed my attention is one I found on Christine Kane's blog, and it is the idea of choosing a word for the year and making it your theme. I've been thinking and thinking about this ever since she posted about it, but I have to admit that I've had some trouble thinking of one word that encompasses all that I want for the new year. I think I've chosen fulfill, but I've still got others like clarity and courage bouncing around in my head.

I am also, very gently, trying to set some goals for myself. I'm very good at thinking up a bunch of goals and improvements and then feeling overwhelmed and not doing anything about any of them. If I'm brave, I might even post them here.

Friday, January 02, 2009

14 years and counting!

Wade photographed me while we were on a date in Santa Monica back in 1994.

Yesterday (January 1st) my husband and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. It was a pretty low key celebration involving going to bookstores and having lunch at Goldberg's Famous Delicatessen (since the trip to NYC we've been craving good deli food).

Wade also gave me what is possibly the best anniversary gift yet - he made me a mixed tape! Well, not exactly a tape. He gave me a collection of MP3s of the songs from mixed tapes that we gave each other while we were dating. Back then he made one for me that he called "I've had it with blondes!" (our courtship was a bit tumultuous) and I made one for him called "Life's (Beautiful) Complications". He entitled this new collection "I Guess I Still Haven't Had it with Blondes". :)

I was seriously choking back tears listening to the songs that so vividly brought our beginnings back to me, and the reasons that I fell in love with him, and why I love him still. The song that hit me the hardest was probably Runaway Train by Soul Asylum. These are the lyrics:

Call you up in the middle of the night
Like a firefly without a light
You were there like a blowtorch burning
I was a key that could use a little turning

So tired that I couldn't even sleep
So many secrets I couldn't keep
I promised myself I wouldn't weep
One more promise I couldn't keep

It seems no one can help me now,
I'm in too deep; there's no way out
This time I have really led myself astray

Runaway train, never going back
Wrong way on a one-way track
Seems like I should be getting somewhere
Somehow I'm neither here nor there

Can you help me remember how to smile?
Make it somehow all seem worthwhile
How on earth did I get so jaded?
Life's mystery seems so faded

I can go where no one else can go
I know what no one else knows
Here I am just a-drownin' in the rain
With a ticket for a runaway train

And everything seems cut and dried,
Day and night, earth and sky,
Somehow I just don't believe it

Runaway train, never going back
Wrong way on a one-way track
Seems like I should be getting somewhere
Somehow I'm neither here nor there

Bought a ticket for a runaway train
Like a madman laughing at the rain
A little out of touch, a little insane
It's just easier than dealing with the pain

Runaway train, never going back
Wrong way on a one-way track
Seems like I should be getting somewhere
Somehow I'm neither here nor there

Runaway train, never coming back
Runaway train, tearing up the track
Runaway train, burning in my veins
I run away but it always seems the same

He did indeed help me remember how to smile!

There are 30 tracks total and the other artists include everyone from Cud and Social Distortion, to Billy Joel and Blondie, to Erasure and Oingo Boingo. It's an awesome collection!