Thursday, June 11, 2009

Art & Meaning: Treffinger Daily

Katherine Treffinger has started a wonderful project on her blog about Art & Meaning, and she asked me to be part of it! She describes it as follows:
Art and meaning is a project in which I am including in my postings the answer to a question from various artists. I will introduce one artist at a time along with an image of their art.
The question is: "What meaning does doing art have for you? In other words why do you show up in your studio, or wherever, and pick up your tools day after day?"
Check out my answer here!

And as long as your there, check out Katherine's wonderful artwork and the other artists' responses. :)


cynthia said...

Very cool project and I love your answer too! I had to think about the question as it relates to myself and realize why I am more into craft vs. art. My meaning isn't very lofty...I like making stuff.

But, I do appreciate others who delve more deeply with their art making. :)

Seth said...

Wonderful to read your answer Angela. Your response certainly reflects the depth and spirituality that is so inherent in your art.

Mary Ann Wakeley said...

Angela, thanks for sharing your thoughts or creating art in Katherine's blog project. I am with you on your thoughts 100%. Your paintings are beautiful and inspiring, and I'm thrilled to have come across them :-) m.a.

Angela Wales Rockett said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments.