Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Studio Moving Sale!

Twilight Silence, acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36", ©2007

Dear family, friends and patrons,

As you know, I've recently started working in a new studio space. While I'm moving, I'm coming across several older paintings (including "Twilight Silence" above) that I'd rather see in good homes than hidden away in storage again. So I'm offering them at deeply discounted prices here on my website. So far I've listed 14 pieces, but I'm sure to find more as I continue the process of moving.

And there's another reason for this sale at this particular time – I'm trying to raise some money to I can fly across the country for my sister-in-law's wedding in early November. This has been a very expensive year for dental work for me, including getting braces a couple of months ago, and my financial coffers are a bit low. So if you're thinking about getting yourself a painting, or maybe buying one as a gift for someone else for the upcoming holiday season (I saw my first Christmas commercial of the year yesterday - crazy!), now would be a great time! :)

Thank you for your continuing support!