Friday, October 08, 2010

I'm alive!

I know, I've been very… absent lately. In addition to not writing my own blog, I've also fallen away from reading anyone else's blogs. In a nutshell, I've been a recluse. This tendency to be a hermit has threatened my offline world as well. I can point to many reasons for this over the past year, including the move to a new city a year ago, away from the community and surroundings that I'd come to love. But now that I'm coming out of it, I know exactly what the primary cause was. My home studio.

Crazy? Probably. But, hear me out. Now that I have a studio in downtown Tacoma, I have a place to go! I might even see people! while I'm out. I had seriously begun to feel like a shut-in, talking to nobody but my cats (and myself) most days. When you spend so much time alone at home, you can go a little weird, and pretty soon you don't want to leave and you completely shut down your ability to interact with others. It's terribly lonely, and the saddest part is losing the ability to do anything about it. I found that even reaching out online was nearly impossible for me except for occasional forays onto Facebook. Painting and any marketing took a huge effort of will. It was when getting out of bed in the morning started taking an even larger effort that I knew I had to do something about it before somebody had to prescribe me some pills.

And thankfully I found my studio (and it turned out to be affordable!). It's in a fantastic location in the heart of Tacoma's arts district in a building that houses several other artists' studios, right around the corner from my favorite coffee house. At first I was nervous because I'm sharing the space with one other artist, but she's very nice, and we have totally opposite working schedules! I prefer working in the morning and she almost never gets there until after 3:00 in the afternoon.

I've been there about a month now, and I feel so much better. Within a week I was smiling more and wanting to be more social, and I had a ton more energy. I'm working a LOT more. I feel ALIVE again. And I wanted to say Hi! to all of you lovely people. I'd love to hear from you too! :)