Friday, March 11, 2011

Another check-in

So this week wasn't quite the gold star week I was planning on. First, there was the giving in to Resistance I spoke of in my last post. Then I had an orthodontist appointment the following day. And then the day after that Wade unexpectedly needed our car for work (and I was too lazy and wimpy to brave the cold, wet day and take a bus), so I didn't get to my studio until yesterday. I did go then, and I went again today, and I might even go tomorrow. Usually Saturday is errand day for Wade and me, but he's in Austin at SXSW Interactive this weekend, enjoying temperatures in the mid 70s and margaritas – oh, I guess he's working too ;), so I'm thinking I might restructure my weekend a bit.

And, this makes two blogposts this week.

So, not a complete loss, but want to do better next week.

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