Friday, March 04, 2011

End of week check-in

I'm working on a longer blogpost, but since I want to stick with my goal of writing two posts a week (and I might not finish writing it in time) I've decided to have a brief check-in here.

My priority for this week was to get my focus back on my art, treat it with more of a professional attitude:
• Went to my studio and painted every day this week!
• Photographed some of my new pieces and entered a competition.

I also wanted to work on setting and meeting goals, and on reaching out to people:
• Posted one of the two promised blogposts earlier this week, and this is the second. And I am working on another.
• Commented on friends' blogs for the first time in months.
• My husband and I made plans to go to the movies with friends tomorrow.

I think I've earned a gold star. :)


andrea said...

Gold star! You have been way more productive than me. (I am home sick so I've spent WAY too much time online instead.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, gold star. And, if I stand up-close, maybe some shine will reach me?

good grief - word ver. is unnerd.