Friday, April 01, 2011

End of week check-in

I was going to write an end of month check in, and I probably still will, but today I just have to say that this week is really testing my patience. And I know that this is not going to show me in my best light, but I need to whine a little bit about it.

So last week, I lost a lot of studio time because I was sick. My husband got a much harsher version of whatever cold/flu/whatever I had and is still sick. I'm trying to be a patient caregiver, but I think I've hit the wall on that. He's been home, coughing and looking miserable, all but one day this week. I'm used to a certain amount of alone time during the week which helps me stay on an even keel, and this week I did not get that which has left me feeling very bristly. Because of his coughing, I'm running on broken sleep, and since he's needed the car, I've lost another two studio days. (Today he needed the car to finally go to the doctor, so hopefully it will be worth the lost day!) I also had an orthodontist appointment that meant I had to skip my Yoga class on Tuesday, and the adjustment to my braces is still hurting 3 days later, so that's not much fun either.

Thanks for listening. I'm ending the week on a very frustrated and disheartened note, but hoping for better next week.

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